Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 Book Love: Part One

I think I have made myself clear on my love of books and book related items...ummm like libraries.  I have a serious need to read and find serious enjoyment in reading a good book.  So I think I mentioned that I had read 26 books over 2011.  I realize this may not be an amazing number, I mean I didn't read hundreds of books or even one hundred, however, I exceeded the goal I set for myself.  And well, I am proud of that.

Anyways, I thought I would share the books I read over the year, just in case you are looking for something to read.  I will give the disclaimer that these are totally my opinions and thoughts and I am no professional in my book reviewing capabilities.  I will also say I am a sucker for a series.  I pretty much always get roped in and continue reading all the way through.  So here they are....well half of them because I thought this would be way to long with all of them.  Anyways, here you go.

The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels  By: Ree Drummond
Oh so worth the read.  This was a wonderful love story made even better by the fact that it is true and real through and through.  If you haven't heard of The Pioneer Woman definitely check out her super successful blog and site. 

And Then There Were None   By: Agatha Christie
I am a big fan of mystery and thriller type novels, so this one totally got me.  There was no real gore to speak of in this book, which I figure has to do with when it was actually written.  Probably written now it would be chalk full of blood and so forth.  The story was great and kept you guessing until the end.  I am usually the person who in a movie says wouldn't it be crazy if this is what is happening and then later you find out that is totally what is going on.  So it is nice to stay in the dark on a story.

Shopaholic and Sister   By: Sophie Kinsella
This is just an easy read.  The shopaholic series is just silly and funny and don't require tons of thought.

The Lucky One   By: Nicholas Sparks
This was an OK book.  It was an easy read again.  I mean I enjoyed it but as far as Nicholas Sparks goes, not his best in my opinion.

The Hunger Games   By: Suzanne Collins
This is the first in a series of books.  It's set in a sort of post apocalyptic world and centers around a young girl and the Hunger Games which happen every year.  I really enjoyed this book and found myself just wanting to read more and more.  It was one of those that if I walked in a room I grabbed it and read some, even if it was only a page or two.  It definitely holds your attention.

Catching Fire   By: Suzanne Collins
I warned you I am a sucker for series.  This is the second in The Hunger Game Series. Same drill.  I did enjoy it.  Still think I enjoyed the first one better though, but that's OK I wasn't by any means unable to finish it.

Mockingjay  By: Suzanne Collins
This is the third and final book in The Hunger Game Series.  I did enjoy these books.  This was was a little heavy at times, but I still recommend these books as a good read.  I would have liked more, but isn't that the curse of a series??

Shopaholic and Baby  By: Sophie Kinsella
Another in the shopaholic series.  Very similar to previous books in it's ease to read and general light reading.

Mukiwa: A White Boy in Africa   By: Peter Godwin
This was a book about the author growing up in Africa in Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, during white/British rule.  This book was very introspective and he did a good job really showing how his feelings changed as he came of age and grew and experienced different things.  It was also interesting to see "the bad guys" change and lines blur of who was against whom and who was fighting for the right thing or wrong thing.  This was worth the time to read.  On a side note if you watch the movie Notting Hill, Hugh Grant's character owns a book shop and on there is a poster for this book hanging up in it.  Random, I know.

The Fear   By: Peter Godwin
I was inspired by the other book to read this one and what a book.  This caused me to constantly think about Africa and some of the war stricken areas there.  I pray for the people in these war torn areas and for what they have to experience.  At points, I felt I couldn't continue reading, but then I felt like I needed to continue in order to bear witness to these atrocities.  We should be standing up for these people.  We should be doing more, I just don't know what.

The Forgotten God  By: Francis Chan
This book is about the Holy Spirit and our often neglect or misunderstanding of it.  This book really opened my eyes and made me thing.  It caused me to reconsider how I was thinking about the Holy Spirit and how I forget that he is wholly and completely God.

White Oleander  By: Janet Finch
What a sad story.  I had heard good things about this book and really I wasn't blown away.  I was hoping for more in.  A little more redemption or something and didn't find it exactly.  I don't know.  Anyone out there read it and loved it??

So there is half of them for you.  And don't worry I haven't given up my vampire love.  Actually I am listening to a Vampire Diaries inspired music list on Spotify right now.  Now you know just how deep the addiction runs.  

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  1. Thanks for the list Amber! I'm going to have to check some of these out, esp the Francis Chan one! I also agree with you about The Lucky One, I usually love his books but I was underwhelmed with that one.