Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Love

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 I am not sure if I am the best person to accurately review this book and give it the credit it is due. I mainly would start with if I could give this book more than five stars I would and exceedingly so. Ordinarily if you were to offer a book up to me that was full of historical data and so forth, I probably wouldn't jump at it, but after starting this book all I could think was more please! The detail and information provided in this book was amazing and excruciating and mind boggling and beautiful all wrapped up in 400 or so pages. Following Louis Zamperini through is amazing and harrowing life in the pages of this book was a privilege and honor. Reading this has moved me more to read my grandpa's tale of survival in World War II and as a prisoner of war. (As a side note he, my grandpa, was ever so briefly mentioned in this book, which I thought was very cool.)

So read this book. It has everything great you have been looking for...action, sports, war, death, life, sadness, love, happiness, forgiveness and even peace. I smiled as I read this, felt nervous and shocked as I read and was reduced to actual sobbing tears at one point. I checked this out from the library, but believe I will purchase a copy to be read again and shared in the very near future.

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  1. this sounds great amber, thanks for the recommendation. :) and how cool is it that your grandpa was mentioned!!