Friday, February 24, 2012

My Little Cake Boss

Last weekend was Arabelle's big 5th birthday extravaganza.  This year we had a fun "Cake Boss" themed party.  Arabelle loves The Cake Boss show.  She loves watching Buddy design cool cakes and work his pastry magic.  So we thought what better idea than to have her own little bake shop.

We all had a great time.  Decorating for the party was just as fun for me, I think.  Planning parties and getting all decorated is one of my favorite parts.  I used a lot of kitchen stuff to hold all of hte supplies.  I put my measuring cups to use to hold the markers and icing spreaders.  I used little Pampered Chef glass measuring cups to hold the icing tips.  I even put out some cleaned out icing containers to use to hold all of the tubes of icing.  

First the kiddos decorated aprons with fabric markers.  I found child size aprons at Hobby Lobby.  I did see some online when searching around, but price wise these weren't anymore expensive.  Then they sat down and decorated their little boxes to take their cupcakes home in. We just put markers out and stickers so the kids could use those.  Funny thing is, no one actually took a cupcake home.  I think they were all eaten way before anyone realized the box was to take the cupcake home in.  After that we got out the cupcakes and the kids got to decorate them.  We bought different kinds of sprinkles and icing.  We bought tubes of icing pre-made which worked well.  I think it was Wilton brand and then we bought the Wilton icing tips that screwed on to the tubes.  It worked really well.  The most popular topping by far were the little candy eyes.  I think my niece may have eaten about half of the container of eyes.  She was very into them!  

My little Lincoln Man was so serious about his coloring.
My mom made a cool picture frame for the kids to get their picture taken behind with their cupcakes.  This was such a fun birthday party.  This was our first foray into having planned activities during the party.  And I would say it was a huge success.  Normally the parties are a lot of running around and screaming and crazy stuff happening.  There was definitely a good 30-45 minutes of running and screaming and wanting parents to be zombies and eat their feet (I am not sure what that was about), but after that the kids were super into sitting down and getting started.  I would totally recommend this party to someone with a foodie kiddo.  You could do miniature cakes instead of cupcakes or little bunt cakes.  So there it is, happy 5th birthday to my little cake boss. 


  1. I'd love one of my boys to choose this idea!!! Great job, Amber!

  2. cute, cute, cute! love the idea and it looks like the kiddos had such a blast. ps - i have no idea who the cake boss is so i may just have to look him / her up now. cool!

    1. Cake Boss is a tv show. I guess it falls into a reality type show. Just follows a bakery in New Jersey. They make pretty high end and hardcore cakes. It's a lot of fun.