Sunday, July 3, 2011

Diet, Life Change, Feed Your Face

So for a while now Ryan and I have been trying to get into better shape and really to eat differently and better.  We aren't horrible eaters, but maybe not the most attentive.  We are working hard at getting in exercise regularly and incorporating better eating.  We have tons of reasons for all of this.  There obvious weight reasons and wanting to stay in a healthy weight range.  We also have two small children and want to always be the best we can for them.  We have a responsibility to teach them good habits and how do we do that if we don't have those healthy habits.  I also feel like we have to be responsible with what God as given us, meaning we only get one body. 

We've been tossing around ideas on different eating changes.  Ryan is really pushing for a Paleo Diet.  If you are unfamiliar with this it pushes for a throwback to our Stone Age ancestors...more of a hunter gather mentality.  Well don't get carried away, these Paleo folks still shop at a store.  Not to say we are incapable, but I think we would starve to death if we had to go literally hunt and gather.  It's more of a whole food, stay close to the source kind of idea.  (If I understand right) Personally though, I have a tendency to struggle with meat.  I get grossed out sometimes and feel sad for the animals.  I think of their cute faces looking at me with sad eyes and think of their babies or the babies they always wanted.  Don't tell me they don't have feelings...I won't believe you.
See so cute...  (Source)
 In light of my meat issues, I would be more apt to toss animal products out the window and eat veggies and grains etc. Maybe more of a vegetarian or vegan idea?  My favorite blog right now to check out is Oh She Glows.  It's fabulously vegan and oh so appealing.  I look a the recipes and think "I could do that".  Maybe

But then again there is this whole grain issue.  The Paleo diet pushes how these are bad for us and we weren't really intended to be eating grains.  Also my mom has Celiacs Disease which is a gluten allergy.  This just happens to be a hereditary thing.  So maybe I would be better to give up grains now and be proactive in my health rather than push it until I possibly develop problems.

I do know these things...I love pasta, I love cheese, I love bread, I love to bake, I hate tomatoes....

What's a girl to do??? 

Maybe one day at a time, huh?  I think I can start slow on either option and decide as I go.  I think I will start with these goals:

** Drink more water
** Exercise 3-5 times a week (I think this give me room for the things that inevitably come up)
** Work on cutting wheat out...there are tons of replacement options if I am still craving a pasta

I will keep you all updated on how this is going.  One day at a time right?  I think it really does have to be a life change and change in the way I think.  I can't look at any of this as being deprived because as soon as I do that I know I will fail.  We need to do what is best for us and unfortunately all of the yummy overly processed food is truly killing us.  Even though at times it seems so appealing.  I think if we can get ourselves detoxed so to speak we won't want to go back.

What do you think?


  1. 1st - I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
    2nd - Daniel and I have been talking about being healthier, not "crash dieting", but a lifestyle change.....healthy diet and REGULAR exercise. I would like to cut out "processed" foods, but its hard because they are all so quick and easy and I'm not much of a cook :(
    3rd - Have you heard of "couch to 5k"? Check it out if you have time, I would love to run a 5k, but I have not started doing it, because I keep using the excuse that its too hot! I have a treadmill so I just need to DO IT!
    Anyway I really like your blog.....keep posting new ones on FB! I really enjoy reading them!

  2. @Rachel B Thanks Rachel! We are making a good effort at the lifestyle change. It is hard but definitely worth it.