Monday, July 11, 2011

Secret Ingredient

Good morning bloggies! 
I made this amazing cake over the weekend.  I know I made it so I would think it was amazing, but it really was pretty tasty.  But what I am mainly writing to see is if you can guess the secret ingredient.....if you are thinking love that is in fact an ingredient, but doesn't happen to be the one I was thinking of.  Are you ready for this............avocado!  Yes, the chocolate mousse topping includes the flesh from four avocados.  And also this recipe is vegan so it was made sans eggs and milk.  It does have almond milk in it.  It was so yummy I wish I could send you a piece.  Instead here's the recipe.

Have a fabulous day!!



  1. ohhhh, i will HAVE to try this! kay and i have been obsessing over this cake from roots for a while now - it's orange cake with avocado icing. different from yours, i know, but similar idea. thanks for sharing, seriously! :)