Saturday, July 2, 2011

Small Kitchen Appliances

 Hello Bloggies!

I am going through a slight cooking craze.  I am not cooking tons, but rather dreaming of all of the things I could be cooking or would like to cook.  The list is growing by epic proportions...true story.  With this sudden craze, I have started a list of small appliances I want.  And here they are:
Air Popcorn Popper

Electric Juicer

Ice Cream Maker

If you happen to find any of these items along the side of the road collecting dust please don't hesitate to direct them towards me.  They are officially on my most wanted list as of now.   I am going to go back to my cooking and baking daydreaming. 

What are your most wanted kitchen appliances/ tools??  What's your favorite small kitchen appliance??


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