Saturday, June 25, 2011

This is a long one....Part Two

Ok so on with the show....this is the best part I think.

Zack finally got to come home in June for a quick visit.  By quick I mean like 9 or 10 days.  We were super excited to see him and super excited to hear all of his good news.  If I tell you I will ruin his story telling skills.  And since I think he can tell this much better than I could ever re-create so I am going to just share his email...with his permission of course.  :-)

----------------------------- From Zack

Hello friends!
So....I did it! I proposed, and it was a success! I had a good solid 28 hours worth of traveling with very little sleep to try and think of a way to romantically propose. I had thought of trying to have a romantic dinner set-up on the beach; surprising George with flowers, candlelight, and a personalized song as she walked in the door from work, or trying to take Georgia to this nice overlook in Kuji to watch the lunar eclipse, etc. etc. etc. But as I pulled into the train station in Ninohe, I couldn't help but feel like those were rather stereo-typical proposals and that I was driving myself insane trying to think of the "perfect" way to ask Georgia to marry me. I had those 28 hours to think of something "special" in yet nothing I came up with felt that way and then all of the sudden like a bolt of lightening it hit me how incredibly special and unique our relationship already is. I guess I have just been so wrapped up in my thoughts lately I have been unable to fully appreciate the truly romantic nature of our relationship and story and the settings in which it has developed. I mean I was riding on a bullet-train over the mountains and through the back country of northern Japan, pulling into a station bathed in Moonlight from the full-moon and cloud free starry sky above me, with the woman of my dreams and mother of my unborn child standing on the platform in excited anticipation of my arrival. What could possibly be a more romantic setting than that? I realized then and there as the train was coming to a stop that I needed to stop trying to be something I wasn't and just be the hopeless romantic I know I am and revel in the moment. 

As I hopped off the train and passed my ticket to the conductor, he smiled and slightly motioned his head towards the direction of Georgia (the only other foreigner in sight) as if he were trying to say to me "Go boy, she`s been waiting." As I walked to Georgia I could see the impatience beginning to grow in her as she could barely stand still; her feet tapping, her body swaying to and fro. I walked through the gates and just peered over her and felt my heart begin to flutter; it was as if I was looking at her for the very first time again. She stood there with her hair in adorable, Shirley Temple-esque curls, a black silky top, and a bright blue skirt. As I was finally in grabbing distance she ran and grabbed me and hugged me so tight that my suitcases literally fell from my hands. We told each other how much we had missed the other and I promised to never leave her again.

From there we began walking to the car, hand in hand, as I shared my stories of America. The weather was amazing that night; it was a cool crisp evening, with a completely cloudless sky and a big full Moon above. It wasn't until I was finally off the train and out of the station that I was able to completely take in the amazing weather. As we neared the car I felt like I never wanted that moment to end. I began stumbling about my words as I told Georgia "I have something I want to give you before we get in the car." She grumbled about it being cold and I told her it was worth it. I literally lunged to take my backpack off as I began searching through its contents for the ring I had bought just a few short days ago. Once my hands found the smooth black box in which it was resting within, I grabbed Georgias hand pulled her close to me. I told her again, for perhaps the 1,000th time how much I had missed her and told her I couldn't bear being away from her for that long ever again. Then, I pulled the box from my bag and assumed the proposal position on one knee as Georgia gasped upon the realization of what was happening. Then I opened the box; the moon and bright stars made the ring sparkle and dance in the dark parking lot. I told Georgia that she is my one and true love and that she is the romantic I have longed for my entire life for, then I asked her to marry me, which she very quickly said "Yes, Yes, Of Course!"

So there you have it! The complete proposal! I woke up the next day wondering if I had rushed the proposal, but as soon as I saw Georgia's hand and the ring on it I knew I had done the right thing. She is going to make a beautiful bride, and even greater wife and best friend. I am so incredibly blessed to have her in my life, and I am equally as blessed to have such an amazing and supportive family such as all of you.


So there it is!  Wonderful right??  I am getting a new sister-in-law and a new niece or nephew!  What a huge blessing.  God is so good and so amazing and his blessings are never ending.  Through all of this, I think my brother will be a stronger man and husband and father.  I am sure he has learned a lot about himself in this short time.  I can't wait to be a new Aunt and sister in law!

It was hard to see Zack leave again, but I know he is where he belongs with Georgia.  This is what was meant to be for him.  God had a plan and knew what was best.  It may have been a different road getting there, but he got there in the end.  

Thanks for listening to my long long story.  I just couldn't hold it all in any longer!

Love you all!



  1. Yes. Amazing! Amazing Brother you have!!!! :)

  2. It made me cry all over again - he is an amazing man and very lucky to have a big sister who loves and adores him as much as you do!