Sunday, June 5, 2011

Come fly with me...

Well hello!

Yesterday we went to the airport to greet my brother, whom we refer to as Zacky Poo...mainly because it sounds so incredibly manly and strong.  I kid, well not about calling him Zacky Poo, just the other part.  Anyways, the kids had never been to an airport before and thought it was the most fabulous place on earth.  It was like we were at an amusement park.  Lincoln especially was thrilled by the parking garage.  Strange, I know.  He was so excited he was practically shaking!

We had about an hour to kill due to a delayed flight.  In this time, the kids explored all facets of the airport.  Well, except for the concourses of course. They will never know the joy of walking someone all the way to their gate and watching them board the plane.  That all went away with crazy terrorist attacks.  Anyways, here are some pictures of our wonderful time at the airport taken by my husband and a couple I think I took.  Enjoy my friends! Oh and excuse the randomness of the picture placement...I was struggling getting them arranged. 


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