Monday, June 20, 2011

Love 'em, Love 'em, Love 'em

Good morning all!

Recently I had a chance to spend time with my brother and sister, just the three of us.  To be honest, I am not sure when we last did this.  It was wonderful to just have time with them!  I am the oldest of three and have a brother and sister.  It is starting to appear that the two of them may end up living far away from me.  I hope that one day they will be closer, but you never know.  Tabby is away at college and I think may want to move away to LA when she's done.  And Zacky Poo is in Japan, which has been quite the interesting little not so little adventure.  (There will be more on that later....I am working up to it.)  And now it appears he is going to run of to New Zealand.  I hear it's beautiful there and full of hobbits.  Ok, no hobbits just normal people.  I am pretty sure of the beauty of New Zealand.  I guess if my siblings live far away I will always have places to vacation.  Anyways, we had a wonderful time together eating, hiking, talking and laughing.  I miss those two and wish we could spend more time together.  Alas we just have to cherish the moments we have.  And cherish them I do!

Where would I be without my brother and sister?  I am not sure.  Who would I offer unwarranted advice to?  Who else would put up with me offering unwarranted advice to???  They won't admit to it, but they like that advice...I know it!  I guess what I am trying to say, is I just love them!  They're the best!

Hug your family today!


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