Thursday, November 10, 2011

Your Mission

I totally did not take this's from the dip recipe

So, I recently took my Pinterest love to a new level.  And by recently I mean today.  And by a new level I mean I acted on something I pinned.  Gasp!!  It wasn't anything fancy or overwhelmingly complicated.  It was a super simple recipe that I just whipped up.  This yummy little pumpkin dip.  I actually saw something on Pinterest, pinned it to a board and then turned around and made it.  My relationship with Pinterest moved into like the exchanging of a class ring phase today.  What's even more exciting is I have plans on making something else really soon that I have been pinning ideas for.  Oh be still my crafty heart! 

So my challenge to you is this, put one of those pins to work!!  What are you making that you found on Pinterest or have pinned to Pinterest?  If nothing make a goal to get to working on something.  Let me know how it's coming.  I would love to hear about it and see the finished results!


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