Sunday, November 6, 2011

Book Love

"...It was the sweetest kiss either of them would ever know. This is where it all begins. Everything starts here, today." One Day by: David Nicholls

I just finished the book One Day.  Maybe you saw the movie and know all about it and don't think you need to read the book. And maybe since I haven't seen the movie, I can't really judge whether you need to read the book.  Other than this, I loved this book.  I finished it last night and woke up this morning thinking about the characters. I read another review by a friend who mentioned the love story being similar to Ross and Rachel on Friends.  I would say that is accurate. I felt myself rooting for them the whole book, much like I did for seasons and seasons of Friends.  How could they not love each other, how could they not end up together???  This book had love, tragedy, comedy, tenderness, reality and all the things we run into in life.  (Well to an extent) 
One Day by David Nicholls

So if you haven't read it go get this book. At it to you list on Goodreads.   Because you are using Goodreads right??  If not join me here: Goodreads


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