Saturday, October 29, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole

 You may or may not know that we have a house rabbit. His name is Waffles Nicholas. He's cool and big and possibly the softest thing I have ever felt. We rescued Waffles from the animal shelter in April. (rescued sounds way more noble than just adopted) It was a way spur of the moment deal. But what a great choice. He is litterbox trained, so he just runs around the house and let's us pet him...sometimes. He does a lot of hiding under the dining room table. That is his little or not so little rabbit hole.  Once the kids are in bed he comes out and runs around and rubs against our legs.  The kids are a little scary to him I think.  Especially Lincoln, he swings his arms around a lot and runs at him.

Here is what I have learned about rabbits since we got him:

1. Rabbits teeth constantly grow, so they have to chew to wear them down.
2. He likes to appear really vicious.
3. Rabbits shed every 3 or 4 months, every other time is like a huge loss of hair. (I read about one rabbit that gets almost naked.)
4. A rabbit cleaning its ears is incredibly cute.
5. I am very concerned about how Sharp a rabbits teeth actually are.
6. A rabbit will find and eat or chew up anything and everything.
7. Rabbits are super fun to watch.

I just wanted to share because Waffles is beginning to shed...his second shedding since got him. This time I won't stress he is dying and that somehow we killed him. Now I know better.
Also we just got a puppy. She is a bassett hound and beagle mix. Her name is Apple Sally. Arabelle like to pick out middle names. She is also awesome! We are now a family of 6.
Have a nice weekend bloggies!

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  1. so sweet! that little waffles nicholas is a cutie, for sure. can't wait to meet apple sally some day!