Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY Christmas Tradition

Hello there,

Since the weather is starting cool down and things are beginning to look a lot like fall, I have been thinking about Christmas.  I know, I am jumping way ahead.  It just happened.  I think it's from years of stores putting out things way too early.  I am pretty sure Hobby Lobby is already marking their Christmas decor and setting up for St. Patrick's Day. 

Anyways, last year while making nifty ornaments during craft time with Mary, I had an idea.  Maybe we, as a family, could make new ornaments for our tree every year. Yes lots of work, but what a fun tradition. Then we could donate the ornaments the next year.  I figured I could set a couple back from the bunches each year for Arabelle and Lincoln.  Then by the time they move out on their own they will have a good set of ornaments to decorate their first trees with.  What do you think?? 

Since I am seriously addicted to Pinterest right now, I have been looking at loads of crafty fun projects.  This is by no means limited to Christmas, but here are some super fun items I have found.

Like this sweet wreath, I mean how cute and you could so do this for just about any season:
Two Junk Chix
How about this cute tree idea I found on Pinterest:

And how precious is this?
Craft Rookie
I know not many ornament ideas, but I am still in the planning stages here folks.  Well I have to get up early for a track meet.  Yep, I am running in a track meet.  Have I mentioned I am 28 and not some amazing professional or Olympic athlete. I mean sometimes when I am dreaming I am...sometimes.  Nope my work participates in this Corporate Challenge thing every year.  Pretty fun actually.  So I am off to rest up so I am good and speedy in the morning. 

Wish me luck bloggies!


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