Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lessons From Cupcakes

Hey there bloggies!

It's been a little while.  I have been super busy this past week.  My little brother aka Zacky Poo got married yesterday to the oh so beautiful Georgia.  Now known as Aunt G...ok maybe we'll call her Aunt Georgia.  We'll see what happens.  We'll probably have to come up with something that sounds along the lines of Zacky Poo and the only think of one name and I probably won't go with that one.  Anyways...for this lovely wedding I made 120 cupcakes for the guests to enjoy.  I learned a lot in my cupcake venture and decided I would share.

1. 120 cupcakes is in fact a lot of cupcakes to theory it doesn't sound like that many.  If using box mix for the actually cupcake base that's like 4-5 boxes.  However, when you get to baking 120 cupcakes you realize that is a heck of a lot of cupcakes.

2. You may think you will have some down time while those cuppy cakes are my friend are wrong.

3. Just because one batch of cupcakes is made with all of the exact same ingredients as your next batch, you should in no way assume that they will turn out exactly the same. 

4. Black icing, while pretty, is a very very difficult thing to accomplish.  It may have required 3 oz of black food coloring to make it happen.

5. The above mentioned icing, may or may not have colored a wedding guest's teeth a blackish color.  May or may not, I am not admitting to anything. 

6. 120 cupcakes is a lot to transport if you aren't the Cake Boss....

7. Wedding guests don't eat all of those cupcakes and when you are a family member baking them, somehow they become your responsibility to take home.  What to do with all of those cupcakes.

8.  You really can't make less than the number of attendees expected because once  you do that everyone will want two cupcakes.

9. It's ok to feel like you might cry in the process of baking them and icing's a lot of work and a lot of sugar to consume if you are tasting what you are making.  It eventually wears off and that crash is pretty rough.

10. Finally it's fun to bake and decorate. I'd do it again...I would plan a little better though, but I would do it again. 

A wedding post will come soon!

Have a great week!

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