Sunday, December 11, 2011

13.1 Because I'm Only Half Crazy

"13.1 Miles 'Cause I'm Only HALF Crazy"....I saw this on the back of a vehicle the other day while I was driving in to work.  And it made me laugh because I thought I am full blown crazy.  This last week Big Daddy and I signed up for the Indy Mini Marathon.
Go ahead...sign know you want to.
I am not sure what to say about it other than that I am a big combination of emotions right now.  I am excited, scared, nervous, worried, proud for wanting to do this....and the list goes on.  I can already imagine the nerves I will feel come race day.  I do think this will be fun a thing for the hubster and I to do together.  I think it will be fun as long as we don't get too competitive with each other...which we sometimes do.  Truth be told, I have been wanting to run this mini since I was in junior high.  No joke.  Why has it taken me around 12 years to sign up for this????  Who knows.  Probably just plain laziness. Anyways, we are going for it now.

I even bought these lovely ladies for the occasion.  I am super excited about running in them.  Especially since my other shoes were in serious need of retirement.
Check them out
This is my first foray into a minimalist style shoe.  Or at least a beginners minimalist shoe.  I am hoping this will help me with my heel striking, which is a serious pain in my legs.  I have been trying to learn to run and land more forward on my foot and it's kind of like trying to learn how to ride a bicycle differently than you always have.  I am not sure if that is a good analogy, but basically I have ran one way pretty much my whole life and now I am trying to do something different.  These shoes actually have a slight slope that is supposed to help direct your foot one way.  So I'll keep you updated there.

I will try and update you all on my training as it goes along.  My goal is to finish and not get picked up by the golf cart of shame.  Which I have decided that if I were to get picked up for running too slowly, I may suddenly be overcome by an injury.  Ok, maybe I won't fake an injury.  Maybe...actually let's just hope for no golf cart picking up injury or otherwise.  And maybe it's not the golf cart that is so shameful.  What did it ever do anyways.  Ok I am seriously getting side tracked.  So, wish me luck!  I will probably need a few prayers and a some TLC...both the band and tender loving care.  

What have you wanted to do forever that you haven't??  What's stopping you?

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