Thursday, December 8, 2011


Last weekend we celebrated Thanksmas with some good friends. Oh you don't know what Thanksmas is? It's our combo Thanksgiving and Christmas get together. This was our fifth year of doing this. Let me tell you it is great. It is a wonderful time to laugh and have fun with friends we don't see that often. You should try it out.

This really got me thinking about friends and how important they are. As I get older I cling to that need of friendship more than ever. I am past the overwhelming number of friends most have in high school and college and have worked it down to the best really. The friends from Thanksmas are friends that go back to elementary school. These are people who I have been through good times and bad. Good times we still laugh till it hurts about...hungry like the wolf anyone? Bad times that we can't remember what even made them bad in the first place. And bad times that still hurt when we think about them. The best part is that we can go months without seeing eachother and it is as if no time has passed. We can talk about our successes, our failures, our dreams and our age and know that the others understand. We lapse right into making plans for our next dinner and make plans to get away from it all. These are people to hang on to.

I am definitely not saying new friends aren't great because they are just as fabulous and just as precious. Friends come into our lives and we have an option of cultivating that relationship and letting people in or we can avoid it. My opinion is let 'em in.  One day you will long for friends and relationships. One day you may want or need people to stand by you to celebrate or mourn or just to be there. Don't pass up those opportunities now, bloggies. And remember it isn't too late to start new traditions and to make good excuses to get together.


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