Monday, December 26, 2011

Feeding it....

Well my addiction to books that is...I am continuously feeding it.  I hadn't made a good book purchase in a while and decided to use a portion of my money I received for Christmas to make a book purchase. I also bought a new reading journal to track what I read.  If you don't do this and are a reader, I highly recommend it.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy.  I started doing that a few years ago and love being able to look back at what I have read.  I thought it also might be something fun for my kiddos when they are older to look back at what their dear old mom was doing when they were asleep or in the bath or in the other room or really any second I can find that someone isn't asking me a question. 

I just love having an actual book in my hand.  We own a Kindle and i have in fact read some books on it, but boy oh boy do I get excited when I buy a new book and can hold it and flip through the pages.  And here lately I have really been utilizing our local library just to save on the money going towards my book reading addiction.  Boy do I love the library.  I really love the smell of it...that old book smell.  Wow, this is getting awkward.  I am revealing way too much about myself! 

My other obsession with reading and books is this awesome line of books from Penguin that are all hard back and cloth covered.  Yes, I adore these books.  They look amazing on a shelf.  Maybe one day I can have a library in my house with a sliding ladder that I can stand on and slide from shelf to shelf singing....umm anyways. 

Well I have some reading to do.  I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas.  We are all just recovering from the present opening and goodies we over indulged in.  We never seem to learn our lesson!


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