Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nice Job!


With the end of the year drawing near, I often find myself (as I think most people do) thinking about all of the would of, could of and should ofs of the last year.  We get stuck thinking how we can change ourselves or the year ahead of us for the better.

I think it's time we give ourselves a nice pat on the back and say way to go and praise God for getting me here! It's high time we focus on what we did that was fabulous this last year.  Little things and big things.  For me, when I really think about I have lots to be happy I accomplished among them is reading 26 books, signed up for a mini marathon, realized I can run a mile pretty easily (baby steps people), cooked lots of different types of bread, shared my love of cooking with my babies and the biggest I would say is getting our new house in shape.

It's great to make goals and don't worry I have some I am working up for the next year, but everyone needs a little encouragement,  We need to remind ourselves of the things we have accomplished and not just the things we haven't.  We need to remember how blessed we are and what God has provided us with.

How about you bloggies?  What have you done this past year that you are proud of?  Start a business, have a baby, learn a new language, bake something knew??  Let's have it!

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  1. Hey Amber! I am really proud of giving birth to Ruthi, even though I just calmly laid on a table while someone surgeried her out of me. Of course, I DID go through some amount of hours on pitocin without pain meds and 17 hours of total labor before the surgery. Other than that, i'm proud of losing 50lbs and getting back to a "healthy" weight (although this year I am trying to lose my final 15-20lbs to get to "ideal" weight). I am so grateful that God gave her to us - especially as healthy as she is/has been. What else what else....That's the main thing. heh. Thanks for the post. Good to reflect on the year instead of only looking ahead!