Monday, August 1, 2011

A Heavy Heart

I am home sick today, by myself for now.  Which gives me a chance to read the news, browse yummy recipes, pray, read and think.  I truly struggle doing some of those things when the house is full and I am being asked hundreds of seemingly random questions. Well unless you are 4 1/2 and then the questions aren't random at all. 

I was just reading about the famine in Africa and reading about poor women being gang raped while their children watch, all while they are just trying to seek food and safety.  What kind of world do we live in??  Why is it like this? 

I look at the pictures of crying, starving children and I myself cry.  How do you comfort your child that is starving?  How do you tell them everything is going to be ok?  How do you explain the horrors that they have experienced before they should be able to understand these things?

I feel called to these people to help them, but how?  For now all I know to do is to pray.  I pray that they will know God's love and that they will feel his peace.  I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort them in this time of great struggle.  I pray that the parents will be able to show their children God's love even in the worst circumstances. 

Maybe I struggle the most with that.  Living in the America and really never having gone with out, it's always been relatively easy for me to see God's love and his amazing goodness.  I can't imagine the struggle with faith some may feel in Africa and other war torn, poverty stricken nations.  It is in those times and places I think as God's people we are forced to rely on him more than anything.  We have to seek his word and find goodness there, because there aren't green trees and grass to show beauty.  There aren't majestic animals walking around because they too are starving.  We have to look to God for joy and peace and increased faith. 

I pray I would learn to be happier with what I have and remember how incredibly blessed I am. I need to be happy that I can provide for my kids in every way they need.  I pray that I never have to explain to them why we can't feed them.  Pray for the people in horn of Africa who are suffering so much right now.  Pray for relief and that they would come to know God's glory.


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