Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lincoln Man

On August 6th my little Lincoln man turned two.  We love this little man so much.  He has rocked my world.  He has a tender heart, is sweet, funny and oh so loving.  Lincoln has surprised us in so many ways.  We can't imagine life without him.  What's even more fun is seeing how he and Arabelle interact.  And seeing their differences and similarities.  I don't so much care for the trouble they get into together, but I guess that's part of it.  I can't believe he is two and that he's growing and talking and loving on us as much as we love on him.  I pray daily for him to be a man after God's own heart, I pray for his future family and friends, I pray that he always knows the Lord.  I hope that we are doing a good job of showing Lincoln God and that God uses us to help Lincoln grow. 

We had Lincoln's big circus birthday party last weekend and it was a hit.  Unfortunately after weeks and weeks of barely any rain it would rain on his birthday...trapping us inside.  So much for those games.  I guess it's good we didn't go over the top on the outdoor game thing.  I think we still had a great time though.  Lincoln was totally uninterested in opening presents.  Luckily he has his big sister to open his gifts for him. He didn't care other than for the soccer ball, basketball and form of ball.  For two years now that is all he has wanted.  He was born wanting some sort of ball to throw.  Who knows what that will all develop into.  Enjoy the pictures.

Now I am off to figure out how to get blue nail polish out of our new carpet...yes the trouble they get into.  I am pretty sure this one was instigated by the older one though.  Any suggestions on the clean up???

Have a great weekend!

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  1. happy birthday, sweet lincoln man! it sounds like the day was so special! i, too, can't believe he's already hit this milestone, wow! sending you tons of love and hugs!